House Sitting

Interested in having someone look over your house while you're away? I'm dependable, trustworthy, clean, and friendly. Everything you could want in a house sitter. With my client feedback, you can rest assured that I'll take care of your house so you don't have to worry.

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Pet Sitting

Finding a pet sitter can be difficult, and some of the services out there are just down right expensive! I grew up with many animals in my home, and I'm happy to attend to your pet's needs and give them attention while you're gone. Please get in touch to discuss your specific situation.

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Washington DC

I specialize in house and pet sitting in Washington DC and the surrounding area. I'm available for both short and long term arrangements in the area. If you're interested in my services but live in another country or state, feel free to reach out with me to discuss what you're looking for.

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Hi, I'm Aaron, and I'd like to be your house sitter

The top 7 reasons you should choose me to be your house sitter and/or pet sitter next time you leave town are because I am:

  1. Honest - I'm a very honest person, and I have a very clean record. I'm an Eagle Scout, and we're taught to be "trustworthy".

  2. Clean - I'm a very neat and organized person. Don't be surprised if you find your house cleaner when you get back than when you leave it to me.

  3. Respectful - I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs, so I won't be bringing "the party" home to your place while you're gone.

  4. Friendly - I'm easygoing and I get along great with animals. Your friends, animals, and neighbors will love me. Seriously.

  5. Reliable - I do what I say I will. It's as simple as that.

  6. Flexible - I roll with the punches, so if your plans end up changing, I will adapt very easily.

  7. Available - With my flexible schedule, I'm available to be home during the day if your pets don't like to be alone for very long.